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5 ways to take the pain out of voyage reporting

Gathering reports for your fleet’s voyages on a regular basis means a lot of people working for hours, collaborating over a number of tasks for a considerate amount of time using a combination of tools, various providers and sources, and sometimes often resorting to manual data entries; and this is[…]

Release Updates

A new communication channel between our users and our products is now introduced in order to convey new features, recent changes, improvements, feature enhancements and bug fixes. Frequent product distribution can now be easily monitored through this communication channel, and here are the latest release updates for 2021, starting from[…]

6 ways to ensure better ship operations planning

Getting access to powerful tools is often half the solution to most time-related business problems. But is there a platform where professionals dealing with vessels at sea can access every tool for better ship operations planning – all in one single place? Sure there is. At MarineTraffic, we have put[…]

8 ways to monitor accurate vessel movements

Any professional who is involved in the day to day operations of a ship knows that responsibilities are numerous, and time is often limited when decisions must be taken. Having access to real-time information about your fleet’s navigational status is the number one priority, and monitoring the world’s ship movements[…]

Smarter tracking with improved search and new map layers

We decided to put together all the recent improvements we have made on our Live Map over the past month, to help you get the most out of it. So, what’s new? Find what you’re looking for on MarineTraffic more easily by using our improved search and benefit from our new[…]

The MarineTraffic mobile app has just evolved

After years of running one of the most trusted apps for global ship tracking (ranking among the top 5 in paid apps in all major stores in Maps & Navigation category worldwide), MarineTraffic launched its freemium mobile version a few weeks ago, making all this vessel tracking and maritime analytics[…]