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Even more information on the Vessel Details page

In December 2019, we launched a completely new layout for one of the most popular pages on MarineTraffic, Vessel Details. The new design made the page quicker, more stable and the improved design helped our users to get to the information they needed even faster.  In this product release, we[…]

Proactive risk management with new alert notifications

Knowing that you will be alerted to key events during a voyage reduces your exposure to certain risks and provides you with peace of mind. Our Product Team has been working hard to develop new, real-time notifications that help users get even more intelligence delivered when they need it. Here’s[…]

Vessel Details page gets a fresh redesign

Vessel Details, the second most-visited page on MarineTraffic, attracting approximately two million users per day, has been given a make-over to improve user experience.  You can now get faster and easier access to vital information regarding any vessel, including voyage details, technical information, location, photos, and more. It follows months[…]

My Fleets gets a fresh look & feel

The world is an evolving place and as it changes, MarineTraffic changes with it. For us, product changes only mean progress. Constantly innovative, we focus on improving our products so you can easily navigate to the Live Map and track the global fleet. Today, we are introducing some of the[…]

Seen this? Cool & useful new tools from MarineTraffic

In recent months, our Product Team was working hard behind the scenes to complete some cool product enhancements and develop new features.  Here’s what is new on our platform. Dark Map Sometimes you just need to visually focus! For such cases, or if you just like pretty global visualisations, we[…]