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Shipping Container Clearance: The Complete Guide

Table of Contents What is Shipping Container Clearance? Why is Shipping Container Clearance Important? What are the Most Important Container Clearance Documents? What are the Different Steps in Container Clearance Procedure? What are the Key Container Clearance Challenges? Tips for streamlining the container clearance process What Laws are Related to[…]

5 cargo theft techniques and how to avoid them

Table of Contents Understanding the Growing Threat of Cargo Theft Tactic #1: Smash and Grab – The Brazen Heist Tactic #2: Insider Job – When Trust Goes Awry Tactic #3: Hijacking on the Road – Highway Robbery Reimagined Tactic #4: Cyber Heist – Digitally Orchestrated Cargo Theft Tactic #5: Container[…]

CFS (Container Freight Cargo) shipping: what you must know

Table of Contents What is a Container Freight Station (CFS)? What are the Key Functions of a Container Freight Station? What are the Differences Between CFS Shipping and CY Shipping? What are the Benefits of CFS Shipping? What are the Challenges of Using a CFS? How to Choose a CFS[…]

15 key container types in shipping [with their stats]

Table of Contents Dry Van Container Reefer Container Flat Rack Container Open-Top Container Tank Container Platform (Flatbed) Container Open-Side Container High Cube Container Insulated Container Ventilated Container Half-Height Container Swap Body Container Car Carrier Container Hanging Garment Container Drums Welcome to the world of shipping containers.  These marvels of modern[…]

What is transit time? Everything you need to know

When you’re a shipper or part of the ever-evolving supply chain industry, understanding transit time is key to the smooth and efficient movement of goods. Whether you are shipping from China to Canada or trying to optimise delivery times for your e-commerce business, knowing how long it takes for your[…]

How to Pick the Best Shipping Carrier? What you need to know

What is a shipping carrier? A shipping carrier is a company that specialises in transporting goods from one place to another. They play a crucial role in the supply chain, ensuring that products reach their destination safely and on time. Shipping carriers can transport goods by various modes of transportation,[…]