Maritime Analytics

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Breakthrough Posidonia for MarineTraffic

International maritime analytics platform MarineTraffic will be promoting its services under the “Shipping is Here” tagline at Posidonia, the world’s most important maritime event (6-10 June) in Athens. The company has created a maritime data ecosystem which includes vessel positions, meteorological forecasts, asset values, container tracking, nautical charts and is[…]

The 5 new startups entering the Maritime Analytics market

The maritime industry has long understood the value of using data and analytics to bring more transparency and drive efficiency in the market. More and more companies around the world are investing in maritime analytics to understand global trade, optimise ship operations, gain full visibility for their cargo, and increase[…]

Projects that shaped the Maritime Analytics reality

When it comes to the maritime industry, there are a lot of moving parts. The oceans and waterways that surround the world are vast and complex, so navigating them requires an extensive understanding of not just what’s under the water but also how different types of ships move through various[…]

Seeking an efficient future

Data and collaboration are key to a sustainable shipping industry agreed the panel of a  MarineTraffic webinar Data is powerful and the possibilities it could bring to shipping are huge, but the real challenge today is unlocking the data and making it work in a way that is useful, agreed[…]