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The peak of summits

We have been organising regular summits for about five years. What started as simple, annual, half-day meetings have grown to be multi-day affairs, and an integral part of our culture. These events encourage people to step out of their day-to-day, get away from their desks and to spend time learning[…]

Improving accuracy on Calculated ETA

MarineTraffic has recently added a third satellite provider to what is already the world’s largest and most extensive coastal network of AIS receivers, consisting of 3,500 stations. The combination of satellite AIS data along with the high resolution of data from the MarineTraffic coastal stations, enable us to provide the[…]

Making a splash in Singapore

MarineTraffic emphasised the importance of Asia to its global ambitions with a successful showing at Singapore Maritime Week earlier this month. The company participated at two events, Sea Asia and TOC Asia, signed two MoU’s, and hosted a cocktail party, during a busy few days attended by nine MarineTraffic members[…]

Biggest Singapore Maritime Week yet for MarineTraffic

Possibly the biggest highlight for MarineTraffic at this year’s Singapore Maritime Week will be the signing of the PIER 71 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The Port Innovation Ecosystem Reimagined at BLOCK71 (PIER71) is a joint initiative between the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the National University of Singapore[…]

How AIS analysis is used to help enforce sanctions

From photographing ships at sea, to analysing Automatic Identification Signals (AIS), governments are taking detailed steps to identify ships involved with the unlawful transfer of coal and liquid cargoes destined for North Korea in ship-to-ship transfers. The sanctions are part of the international community’s long-standing attempts to force the North[…]

MarineTraffic showcase Just-In-Time concept at the Algeciras Port IT Symposium

This week, Dimitris Mitrodimas, Data Scientist at MarineTraffic, speaks at the Algeciras Port IT Symposium to discuss how intelligent use of AIS through Just-In-Time operations of ships will reduce operational cost and carbon emissions. Speaking ahead of the symposium Dimitris said: “Visibility of port operations could be greatly improved through[…]