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6 ways to ensure better ship operations planning

Getting access to powerful tools is often half the solution to most time-related business problems. But is there a platform where professionals dealing with vessels at sea can access every tool for better ship operations planning – all in one single place? Sure there is. At MarineTraffic, we have put[…]

8 ways to monitor accurate vessel movements

Any professional who is involved in the day to day operations of a ship knows that responsibilities are numerous, and time is often limited when decisions must be taken. Having access to real-time information about your fleet’s navigational status is the number one priority, and monitoring the world’s ship movements[…]

Life at sea through seafarers’ eyes

At MarineTraffic, we are celebrating the work seafarers do with a series of blog posts featuring short interviews with them, in an attempt to shed more light on the professionals who make sure all kinds of goods and essential products reach every part of the globe and highlight the importance[…]

Top maritime influencers you should follow [part B]

While the first part of our maritime influencers list includes the top 1O voices to follow, we decided to take into account your suggestions for our research, and make the second part slightly bigger. From international organisations to skilled Master Mariners and experienced market research managers, here are 15 more[…]

The amazing story of Dave Muller

We are happy to get an interview with one of our AIS Data contributors who authored the book “Not Child’s Play”. He is one of the many AIS station owners who believe that regardless of whether or not you have technical background or involvement in maritime business, you can put[…]