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Introducing a new sailing experience

To find and activate your gift, click on the banner at the end of this blog post Lately, at MarineTraffic, we’ve been working closely with our friends at keeano to develop new cool tools for our users, especially for those that love exploring new sights when sailing along the coast.[…]

How the World Ports Sustainability Program contributes to a viable future

In this recent episode of our video chat series, World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) Technical Director, Antonis Michail speaks to MarineTraffic Partner, Argyris Stasinakis about port sustainability, the need for the acceleration of digitalisation in the industry and even women’s participation in maritime. The WPSP started back in 2018, as[…]

Using data to build a resilient supply chain

The supply chain industry has long understood the value of using data to drive efficiency in the planning and the decision-making process. Advancements in technology have enabled more data-driven and cost-effective operations, helping supply chain stakeholders deal with all the complexities and inefficiencies that they are facing today. Data can[…]

The challenges of the ferry industry

The beginning of spring usually marks the commencement of the sailing season. But this year, things are different. The tourism industry is facing a slowdown for the past few months due to the coronavirus outbreak and the measures taken to tackle its spread around the world.  The impact of Covid-19[…]

From wines to record-breaking port traffic

Lauffen is a small town located on the river Neckar in the southern part of the district of Heilbronn in Germany. It is famous for its beautiful landscape and delicious wines, but last Thursday, all eyes were on Lauffen for a different reason. This picturesque town drew the world’s attention[…]

How a more accurate ETA can help last mile logistics

When it comes to the delivery of goods or services, every minute matters. From the planning process to the last mile delivery, supply chain professionals are always competing with time, regardless of the stage they are operating in. As delivery volumes are increasing due to the rise of e-commerce and[…]