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MarineTraffic Podcast: “People in maritime”

Shipping is about many things. Ships are, obviously, one of them. So are the sea, the ports, and the operations that need to be done for a voyage to be planned. But most importantly shipping is about the people. In our new podcast series, “People in maritime” we aim to[…]

MarineTraffic Maritime Analytics Conference

Last November, MarineTraffic successfully completed the Maritime Analytics Conference, a series of digital sessions covering a wide range of topics focused on the current and future state of the maritime and shipping industry.  Our three expert panel line-ups saw industry-leading advisors sharing their views on several key topics. They talked[…]

Reducing costs & emissions with Maritime Analytics [webinar]

The MarineTraffic Maritime Analytics Conference had successfully been completed with this third and final digital session, focussing on how actionable maritime analytics can help reduce costs and emissions in the industry. Our audience was truly global, joining this MarineTraffic webinar from all across the globe. More than 600 attendees had[…]