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MarineTraffic at Shipping 2030

Dubai will host Shipping 2030 next week, bringing together shipping professionals from around the world to discuss the key issues concerning the future of the maritime industry. MarineTraffic will be participating in this important event, which will bring to light new technologies and the big issues surrounding disruption and big

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Building the MarineTraffic of the future

In ten years MarineTraffic has not just brought ships onto screens, but it has built a huge user and customer base. The numbers speak for themselves – 6.5 million monthly unique visitors, 500,000 daily visits, and 1.2 million registered users, one third of whom are professionals who use the service

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Supporting journalism with shipping data

Within minutes of the Singaporean authorities confirming that a Greek tanker had collided with the American destroyer USS John S McCain, the MarineTraffic press office was taking calls from journalists looking for the inside story. “Can you provide the vessel tracks? What other ships were in the vicinity? Whose fault

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The team providing a competitive edge within MarineTraffic

In a demanding market within a dynamic industry, the MarineTraffic Research Team offers continuous enhancement and development leading to a competitive edge. As Miluse Tichavska, the Academic Relations Manager at MarineTraffic proudly boasts, the team is “devoted to the fusion of heterogeneous sensor data for surveillance tasks and building distributed

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Creating green energy ports for the future

Sustainability and environmental protection are widely recognised as fundamental by international organisations, communities and port-cities. Just like  nation states, maritime organisations and the industry must adapt to stringent sulphur limits in fuel and greenhouse gas reduction goals. Indeed, and in alignment with recent regulations (IMO, EC), ports increasingly commit, through

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Academia and industry team up to advance innovation

Academic-Industry relations contribute to the advance of national and regional innovation systems. It is considered by many as a necessary engine towards knowledge-based societies and economies. The recognised benefits include a growth in the competitiveness of businesses in addition to the relevance and innovativeness of academic research. Also, the creation

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Sailing in the Saronic Gulf

With summer rapidly approaching a large part of the MarineTraffic team has taken advantage of the warmer weather and headed to sea where they are undertaking sailing lessons. Curious to learn more about what it feels like to be on a sailing boat, and to test our applications while at

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