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Quality AIS data – smarter solutions making waves

AIS on the rise The maritime digitalisation landscape is rapidly growing and the Automatic Identification System (AIS) has been a key factor towards the development, implementation and adoption of more data-driven solutions enabling informed decision-making & strategic planning.  Since its inception as a short-range collision avoidance system, AIS tracking technology[…]

When is a ship ‘not under command’?

MarineTraffic Live Map showing active vessels reporting their navigational status as “ Not Under Command” through AIS in a 24-hour period (20 August) A one-week period in late June and early August was an uneasy time for ships in the Gulf of Oman when two attacks took place on vessels[…]

How to know more than your shipper

Photo Credit: Sam Croft, Communication issues, data gaps and a lack of visibility create headaches for those with cargo at sea. As any delay has a cascading impact along a supply chain, knowing about it sooner rather than later is your best weapon in the fight against disruptions and[…]

Using data to build a resilient supply chain

The supply chain industry has long understood the value of using data to drive efficiency in the planning and the decision-making process. Advancements in technology have enabled more data-driven and cost-effective operations, helping supply chain stakeholders deal with all the complexities and inefficiencies that they are facing today. Data can[…]

Indonesia in the dark? No longer

Drawing the right picture – geofencing To receive the relevant information, the MarineTraffic data team used an innovative technique to create virtual geographic boundaries rather than simply drawing a circular radius. This method, known as geofencing, more accurately measures a specific area of interest. It also enables the software to[…]