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Using data to build a resilient supply chain

The supply chain industry has long understood the value of using data to drive efficiency in the planning and the decision-making process. Advancements in technology have enabled more data-driven and cost-effective operations, helping supply chain stakeholders deal with all the complexities and inefficiencies that they are facing today. Data can[…]

Indonesia in the dark? No longer

Drawing the right picture – geofencing To receive the relevant information, the MarineTraffic data team used an innovative technique to create virtual geographic boundaries rather than simply drawing a circular radius. This method, known as geofencing, more accurately measures a specific area of interest. It also enables the software to[…]

Four ways AIS has changed shipping

This blog post was updated on 5/6/2019  Shipping, or the movement of people and goods by sea, is one of the most ancient and widely used forms of transportation. From the days of the Phoenicians right through to the European explorers discovering the ‘new world,’ man sailed the seas on[…]

Four ways MarineTraffic ensures AIS data accuracy

This blog post was updated on 7/6/2019 The sheer amount of data generated by the global AIS network is truly overwhelming: more than half a billion positions are received daily from various sources around the world. But as this comes from a huge range of aggregated sources with varying degrees[…]