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Falsifying flags

Every ship needs to fly a flag to trade internationally. Some countries such as Panama and Liberia allow shipowners with no ties to their country to register their ships under their flag, whilst others insist on tangible connections such as crew nationality or ownership. The open and closed registry arrangement[…]

The AI impact on maritime Crisis Communications

If you read news, sports, product descriptions, weather reports, or just about anything else online, there is a very good chance that you have read something written by a computer with little or no human input and never realised it. A company called Wordsmith has been writing automated content for The[…]

Using MarineTraffic data for economic analysis

The data provided by MarineTraffic are an invaluable tool for economists that study the freight market. Interest in freight markets as a field of academic study has increased since the commodity price boom of early 2000s’. Shipping and freight rates are now recognised as leading indicators of world economic activity[…]

Encouraging a greener shipping fleet

Last week (11 September 2018) saw the world’s second largest ship registry, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, join the Green Award Scheme. This is a scheme designed to reward those ship operators who go beyond the bare minimum required of them by the rules and who run extremely safe[…]