The MarineTraffic mobile app has just evolved

Free MarineTraffic mobile app enriched with new features, now launched

After years of running one of the most trusted apps for global ship tracking (ranking among the top 5 in paid apps in all major stores in Maps & Navigation category worldwide), MarineTraffic launched its freemium mobile version a few weeks ago, making all this vessel tracking and maritime analytics information even more easily accessible to all Android and iOS users around the globe.

An enhanced mobile app with new features that are easy to use, all designed specifically with our users in mind.

What does a freemium version mean?

All new users can download the MarineTraffic mobile app free of charge.

As needs differ per user, this mobile app – apart from near-real-time global vessel positions & port information and trusted calculated ETA for passenger vessels, all at your fingertips – offers you the opportunity to explore more exclusive and updated features to help you customise your experience, and decide what fits your personal or professional needs best.

Use each one of the most fascinating MarineTraffic services 3 times per month for free. At any point you decide you need more of some services offered, you may purchase our Starter Plan to gain full access to these and, of course, additional features.

I have already purchased the MarineTraffic mobile app, am I eligible to download the freemium too?

There’s no need for that as existing users have automatically gained full access to the newly-formed mobile app as Starter Plan users for one whole year.

So what has changed?

Actually, a lot. A lot of improvements, updates, additions are now comprising the newly-formed mobile application.

Here follows what a user can now do on MarineTraffic mobile, including not only new but also existing – though enhanced – features offered.

In more detail,

The Search field got smarter

As seen above, the Search bar is now a lot more clever; new filters and area selections help you get the best possible results easy and fast.

Need to track or find details on something specific ASAP? Go to our new Search box, type what you are looking for, and filter down the results by category: vessels, ports, stations, lighthouses, IMO or MMSI.

Interested in something more generic as for example, how traffic in a certain area looks like rather than something specific? The “Go to area” will take you to this part of the world you need to focus on, and you’re free to take it from there.

Push Notifications for your Fleet/s

Moving on, note that you may create your own Fleet by grouping the vessels you are more interested in following, and on top of that, create Notifications to help you save time tracking. Tap on ‘My Fleet’ to switch between viewing the global fleet positions and your top vessels’ positions only, avoiding any distractions.

Animated Weather Maps

Next, our animated Weather Maps are still available offering complete access to detailed wind forecasts for those who are already sailing or just following a ship’s journey, and 48-hour wind forecasts for unmatched preparedness, ideal for those who need to plan ahead.

Route Planner added

We, at MarineTraffic, know how important planning the passage for a trip at sea is.

More often than not, wise navigators take advantage of favourable weather conditions or choose an alternative route to save on cost, fuel, effort, time and of course, avoid potential dangers.

Our Route Planner is a new tool with which you can easily plan your future routes by taking into consideration the distance from point A to B (or more), the speed of a vessel, etc.

Combined with our Nautical Charts, our users can now enjoy access to all fundamental information available to them for safe guidance, in one place and on the go. They are able to make sure that all navigation data they need is in place before or even during a voyage at sea, and more importantly, the data is readily accessible on their mobile device.

Past Track visualisation

Not a newly-released feature, however a key tool our users love when it comes to visualising a vessel’s past track or watching a voyage’s Playback on our Live Map, especially in case of reviewing an incident at sea, like the latest blockage at Suez.

Through a lot of options, tracking a vessel’s past positions, speed and the surrounding weather data during a specific timeframe of your choice fast is still readily available to you.

The MarineTraffic Augmented Reality experience

One of the coolest tools ever included in our mobile app so far is, of course, no other than the AR feature; having a phone with you while at sea or near an area where ships are present? Bring any vessel to life on your mobile device. Identify any vessel on the horizon with our AR tool just by pointing your camera towards the ship; and enjoy the magical power of Augmented Reality.

More features for our mobile app users

The new, updated MarineTraffic mobile app is enriched with additional data for ports, AIS-receiving stations and lighthouses around the globe too.

To mention just some of these developments:

  • All ports’ detail pages now feature five new tabs full of graphs about vessels’ recent arrivals, all arrivals at each port grouped by vessel type, lists of all port calls, the average arrivals and useful port congestion trends. Check how busy the port of your choice has been lately, and be prepared to avoid delays of the expected vessel.
  • Interested in AIS and the world’s most extensive coverage? Check any station’s newly-designed details page to learn all about its coverage range and specific position on the Live Map.
  • Adding to that, users can now access not only useful information about every important navigational aid there is for maritime pilots at sea and on inland waterways, but also a list of all vessels sailing nearby a lighthouse, anywhere in the world.

For all these, and a few more exciting discoveries, download the new mobile app for free here (or for iOS users here) and see for yourself how you can make the best out of this mobile experience.

If you have more questions or need more information and assistance, visit our Help Centre here.

Our team constantly puts their years of experience, top tech skills and enriched knowledge in data and maritime to build state-of-the-art tools and services, and bring the latest updates to our users and their needs.

After 500,000+ downloads on Play Store, the feedback we have received from the majority of people who have downloaded our new mobile app is impressive.

To quote just some of the most honouring reviews on our listing on Play Store:

“Easy to use, interesting, love the wake image for ships in motion. Lots of options. New feature using phone camera and location lets you point and identify ships and navigation features.” – Peter Howland, February 7, 2021

“I downloaded this like 2days ago. Precise, accurate and worthy of any mariners tools.” – Greg Russell, April 2, 2021

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