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Lefteris’ love of ships

Five-year-old Lefteris Giotopoulos loves putting pencil to paper, drawing his favourite subject, ships. His colourful and detailed drawings range from cruise ships, rescue boats and cargo vessels, however his favourite one is of The Titanic.       One asks why ships? Quite simply, in the words of Lefteris, his[…]

Following global military incidents through AIS

The Kerch Strait incident in late November involving Russian and Ukrainian military vessels highlighted how Twitter users Hans de Vreij and Steffan Watkins, are using the MarineTraffic platform to report on global military activity. Hans, a retired Dutch journalist, who uses the social media platform as well as guest speaking slots[…]

Dan inspired by colourful containers

Kaufman is no stranger to this route through the busy port in Georgia, as it is where most of his ‘shipping shots’ have happened in previous work. In his previous project, Rothko, Kaufman used the MarineTraffic app to track a ship’s movements and take a quick look at the Arrival[…]

Educating the next generation of shipping enthusiasts

At MarineTraffic, we are always keen to discover new and innovative ways in which our AIS vessel tracking service is being used. So, we were delighted to hear from Emmanuel Boulay who is a secondary school teacher from France and teaching in South America, who was keen to share with[…]

How hull cleaning companies are identifying new customers

  Ship supply and service companies around the world are using MarineTraffic to help them boost sales, improve operations and target new customers. Hull cleaning companies, in particular, are one part of the maritime sector that are finding MarineTraffic to be an important tool in their daily operations. In an[…]

World Port Hackathon – a great experience

Last week I had the privilege to attend the World Port Hackathon part of the World Port Days celebration of the Port of Rotterdam. The Wereldhavendagen is a festival by the Port of Rotterdam that aims to strengthen the bond between the port, the town and its natural hinterland. Over[…]