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Just in time arrivals

How understanding port congestion can improve shipping efficiency If you have ever worked in shipping, you will know how tedious it can be for a vessel to be stuck outside port. Time passes slowly when you are waiting at anchorage for hours, days, weeks or even months – often with[…]

Plotting a path for alternative fuels for shipping

Last week the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) reached a landmark decision. The shipping industry is going to have to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 50 per cent by 2050. MarineTraffic is proud to have played its own small part in the process, by providing AIS data to the[…]

Crewless but not clueless

There’s a lot of talk about autonomous ships. The media is full of it, conferences are discussing it and most industry sectors are working out how to manage it. Just last week Norwegian shipping company Wilhelmsen and technology company Kongsberg announced that they were taking “the next step in autonomous[…]

The birth of the modern Flag State

Piracy and profit to quality and best-practice Click on any vessel in the MarineTraffic database and you will see a flag associated with the ship. But have you ever wondered why so many fly the Panamanian, Marshallese or Liberian flags? For vessels, flying the flag of another nation is like[…]

Maritime satellite market set to grow

A growing demand from passengers wanting to use their smartphones on cruise ships and ferries, as well as increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and more remote performance monitoring of ship systems has led to a strong growth in the number of ships using VSAT. According to the latest report by EuroConsult,[…]

Marine Gallery – October 2017

Welcome to the Marine Gallery of October 2017, a monthly segment on our blog featuring the five best pictures of every month, selected by members of the MarineTraffic Photo Moderators. These could include images of vessels, ports or lighthouses from around the world. We encourage everyone to submit photos by[…]