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Container Rollover [Causes, What to Do, How to Avoid & More]

Table of Contents What is Container Rollover? Key Factors Causing Container Rollover What Happens if a Container Gets Rolled? What You Can do About it Container Rollover Charges How to Avoid Having Your Cargo Rolled Container rollovers are a serious problem for businesses that rely on maritime transportation. They cause[…]

What is Dwell Time in Shipping & How to Reduce It

If you’re involved in the shipping industry, you know that dwell time (aka wait time at port) can significantly impact costs and efficiency, affecting the whole global supply chain. That’s why the ultimate goal of shippers and port operators is to have shorter wait times at ports — to reduce[…]

What is 3PL? [The Complete Guide to Third-Party Logistics]

Table of Contents What is 3PL? 3 Key Benefits of Working with 3PL Why is  3PL Important? 3PL vs. 2PL vs. 4PL vs. 5PL What is the Process of 3PL Fulfilment? 5 Tips to Choose the Best 3PL Services Company for your Needs For a lot of ecommerce companies, handling[…]

MarineTraffic in Geneva for this week’s UN/CEFACT Forum

This week, MarineTraffic will be participating in the 33rd UN/CEFACT Forum in Geneva. The event brings together over 800 industry experts from across the globe, with the focus of this year’s discussion on creating smart connectivity across the global supply chain. For Miluše Tichavska, the relationship between MarineTraffic and the[…]

Freight trading with MarineTraffic

This blog post was updated on 15/4/2020  MarineTraffic data continues to transform the way in which commodity traders make decisions and big calls. The commercial insights which can be derived from understanding vessel movements and overlaying this with other sources of intelligence has put AIS data at the heart of[…]

Our five I’s for the six million U

Innovation The new MarineTraffic data exploration tool was introduced this year and has enabled users to extract actionable intelligence for their specific needs. “The data exploration tool is a great basis for our users to access data and build their own reports”, said Dimitris Lekkas, Founder, MarineTraffic. The new tool[…]