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Marine Gallery – November

Welcome to the November Marine Gallery, a monthly segment on our blog. Each month staff members of MarineTraffic will select five interesting images submitted by our contributors. These could be images of vessels, ports or lighthouses from anywhere in the world. We encourage everyone to submit photos by signing up

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Innovative programme to track turtles using AIS

MarineTraffic has joined a research cooperative that aims to track and analyse the movements of turtles in the Mediterranean, in an effort to help the long term future of the species. MarineTraffic network member ICTS SOCIB and NGO ALNITAK, with the collaboration of the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA-CSIC), the

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EU moving towards a smart logistics data-sharing platform

H2020 Research Project kicks off in Athens Stakeholders representing 14 European countries met in Athens last week to kick off an initiative aimed at creating, among others, a data-sharing platform for pan-European logistics applications. Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligence Information Space (SELIS) is a Research & Innovation Action project, funded

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SMM Hamburg highlights digitisation of shipping

It’s a bright, sunny, September morning in Hamburg, and I’m zipping through the streets of the city on a bicycle I’ve rented for the week, using google maps to direct me towards Hamburg Messe where one of the world’s leading shipping trade events, SMM Hamburg, is taking place. I am

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Gearing up for SMM Hamburg

Next week I will be one of the 50,000 expected trade visitors to attend SMM Hamburg in Germany. A visit to Hamburg, one of my favourite cities, is always an exciting time for me. It’s always a pleasure visiting this all important port city which has a long and rich

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Expanded Panama Canal ready for first transit

The maritime world will centre its attention on the tiny central American country of Panama this weekend, with millions waiting in anticipation for the opening of the new, expanded Panama Canal. More than 40,000 workers have spent most of the last decade digging the new access lane to the Panama

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SpaceTraffic: a new adventure

MarineTraffic the world’s most trusted Ship tracking service is excited to announce an expansion into Space (SpaceTraffic). We are delighted to introduce 2001 new AIS Space Stations that are able to record positions from Space Ships and other Unidentified Flying Objects, that of course, carry an AIS Transponder. By tomorrow,

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