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The areas MarineTraffic improved on this year to give you an even better service


The new MarineTraffic data exploration tool was introduced this year and has enabled users to extract actionable intelligence for their specific needs.

The data exploration tool is a great basis for our users to access data and build their own reports”, said Dimitris Lekkas, Founder, MarineTraffic.

The new tool allows the massive MarineTraffic database of positions, vessels, ports, and events to now be filtered using more than 100 data fields. This gives unprecedented access to monitor and analyse precisely what matters to each user.

This new level of transparency and detailed insight into the workings of the maritime industry enables our customers to drive digital innovation within their organisations” said Alex Charvalias, Senior Product Manager.


Stellios Stratidakis, Head of Data, agrees that 2018 has been a year of notable innovation, he further notes that it has also been a year of significant investment in people.

“One of the great successes of this year has been how we’ve continued to maintain our innovative minded culture despite rapidly growing our headcount. When hiring we look for innovative people who fit the culture of MarineTraffic.”

One example of this is the appointment of Nikos Psaltopoulos as the first MarineTraffic COO. Nikos’ knowledge and experience of taking start-ups to the next level, will be invaluable as the company continues to grow and disrupt.   

George Charikiopoulos, Head of Business Technology, admits that the rate of new team member growth has been challenging from time to time, but insists that it has been worth it.
“I feel that in 2018 our investment in people has allowed us to make huge steps forward in what we will achieve now and what we can achieve in the future.”

Stellios Stratidakis was keen to emphasise that MarineTraffic is investing equally in the people already at the company. “We believe in the importance of investing in personal development and growth. We want to empower people to take ownership of their work, to let ideas flow and support these ideas into becoming a reality.”


MarineTraffic is redesigning the foundations for success. There is no room for complacency in a fast-moving tech world.

“I strongly believe we are now entering a new cycle of growth, one based on scalable infrastructure, mature processes, and intent,” said George Charikiopoulos.

It’s a view supported by Anastassis Touros, AIS Network Team Leader, who points to how “an internal reorganisation is the basis for the full launch of the new marketplace.”

As of June this year, MarineTraffic has unbundled its online services and is now offering them separately to allow customers the flexibility to buy exactly what they need.

“The marketplace offers flexibility and more attractive pricing for single products. In the long run, this will deliver a wide range of services, built internally or with third parties, making MarineTraffic a hub in the maritime domain”, said Dimitris Lekkas.

The ambition of third-party engagement on the MarineTraffic platform was realised this year through the partnership with maritime software, services, and data analysis provider NAPA. This first partnership will bring about the development of a set of advanced new voyage planning, optimisation and analysis services for the industry. More such partnerships will follow, complementing the core MarineTraffic product.

In addition, Savvas Kampouridis, Head of Engineering, is keen to highlight the importance of this year’s significant architectural change. MarineTraffic is moving from its legacy-platform to a new message queue based architecture, leveraging open-source stream-processing software platform, Apache Kafka.

“We can now produce streams of real-time data: vessel positions, events, user notifications and more. Our clients’ growing needs necessitated this shift to real-time analytics and intelligence products. With this new platform, we will be able to leverage this technology’s scalability and resilience to develop, test and launch a variety of real-time products.”  


Interacting better with those who engage with MarineTraffic has always been a key priority for the company. This year we have finally launched the Station Owner’s Forum. For Anastassis Touros, realising this long-awaited ambition is a vital step.

“The forum enhances the whole station owner experience, opening a new channel of communication between the station owners, providing them a space to share knowledge, experience and build stronger relationships between them and MarineTraffic.”

Argyris Stasinakis further highlights the improved way MarineTraffic engages with its customers.

Our customers receive expert advice prior and post-purchase, maximising value for their organisation through MarineTraffic services. We tailor our offerings to the needs of our clients. It is no coincidence that we have witnessed strong growth and increased customer loyalty, especially for key corporate and government accounts.


A significant development in enhancing the global presence of MarineTraffic this year was the opening of its offices in Singapore.

“I feel that in 2018 we have made huge steps forward in expanding our international team,” said George Charikiopoulos.

Argyris Stasinakis was keen to highlight the strategic importance of the company’s decision to move into Asia.

“The new office in Singapore has enhanced the capabilities of MarineTraffic. With sales and success now having a presence in Europe and Asia our customers can receive expert advice prior and post-purchase, in more places with more localised understanding, maximising value for their organisation through MarineTraffic services.”

2018 has been another year of exceptional growth for the company, 2019 promises to be even better. Demitris Memos has laid down the challenge, “It’s time to disrupt again, but this time we must disrupt ourselves.” Watch this space and thank you for your support.

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