MarineTraffic Podcast: “People in maritime”

We are excited to welcome our new podcast, People in maritime

Shipping is about many things. Ships are, obviously, one of them. So are the sea, the ports, and the operations that need to be done for a voyage to be planned. But most importantly shipping is about the people.

In our new podcast series, “People in maritime” we aim to explore the people that work in shipping and discover their stories. 

Regardless of their field of practice. From insurance brokers and maritime lawyers, to ship crews and CEOs. These are the People in maritime. And here are their stories.

Meet the hosts

The show will bring you an engaging panel discussion with one guest at a time, taking a deeper and more intimate look at shipping. Each discussion is led by two dedicated hosts: Dany Rastelli and Nikos Pothitakis.

1. Dany Rastelli

Dany Rastelli is the Demand Generation Team Leader at MarineTraffic. He is responsible for strategic and tactical initiatives amid aligning marketing and sales activities. 

Being a Team Leader, Dany manages a team of marketers and he always tries to discover people’s stories beyond their roles:

“I’m fascinated by learning about what drives people both personally and professionally. I always have a thousand questions in my head when meeting someone new, so hosting the People in maritime podcast is an amazing opportunity for me and I’m very excited to be a part of it”, Dany says.

2. Nikos Pothitakis

Nikos Pothitakis is the Events Manager at MarineTraffic. His role involves organising all kinds of events, from virtual ones (like the Webinars) to physical events like the participation of MarineTraffic at Posidonia 2022

As an Events Manager, Nikos interacts with many people in shipping, at every level and position, and has a genuine interest in meeting new people. As he highlights:

“I’m so excited to be hosting the People in maritime podcast. Discussing with so many different people from the industry and about so many various topics, helps to get to know them better as individuals behind the job titles and is also what makes this podcast unique – and so far, trust me, it has been an amazing experience”.

How can I listen to the podcast?

People in maritime will be available for streaming on the most popular podcast-listening platforms.

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When does the show launch?

The first episode of People in maritime will be available at the end of August. Every fortnight, a new episode will be available for streaming.

The average duration of each episode is less than an hour, in which we aim to explore all the elements that make shipping so fascinating.

What makes “People in maritime” special?

People in maritime isn’t your average maritime podcast. Our dedicated hosts will interview professionals at every level to showcase the diverse range of individuals driving the success of one of the biggest and most complex industries in the world. 

The first episode is only a few weeks away. But in the meantime, you may subscribe and get notified any time a new episode is out.

We hope you enjoy the debut episode of People in maritime and of course, as with all of our products if you have any constructive feedback, we’re always happy to hear from you!

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