The MarineTraffic participation in Posidonia 2022, in retrospect

One week of MarineTraffic at Posidonia 2022: The key takeaways from our Fleet Operations Sales team

It’s been a long time since we were able to connect with our customers and partners face to face so we took the opportunity to welcome new and old friends at our booth in Posidonia 2022, earlier this June in Athens, Greece.

We spent a whole week reconnecting, networking, and most importantly discussing challenges that the real world on the frontline of the operations has been facing, among others. World famous shipping companies participated and thousands of industry professionals attended the much-awaited exhibition, and our team was more than happy to welcome all and share useful insights and updates on industry-related issues.

More than 120 ship owners and ship managers visited the MarineTraffic booth during the week. People of different countries, roles, companies, backgrounds, age groups, and with various questions in mind, though with one thing in common; all were interested in finding out more about our latest technological developments which are powerful, easy to use, and capable to bring efficiency to their daily life at work.

Some of the country’s and the world’s most important people in the industry stopped by our exhibition at Stand 118, in Hall 4, where our FleetOps Sales Manager, Dimitris Sousoudis, and our Inside Sales Representative FleetOps, Anastasia Milopoulou, among more team members, had the privilege to present them with one of the latest of the MarineTraffic Solutions focused on the field of fleet operations management, built exclusively to meet the market demand.

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Launched only one year ago, the Fleet Operations Solution has already been some of the most-renowned ship management companies’ go-to source for key information on their fleet’s most efficient operations assisting more informed decisions, always based on data they can trust and act upon with confidence.

This and more were discussed in our booth, and it’s time we shared key facts and highlights of this major event below:

What was discussed?

The past years have brought many changes in an already change-prone environment like that of shipping. Digitalisation is a word people in the industry usually hear and use, and reality always calls for even more, better, faster, and more advanced solutions to challenges that didn’t seem to exist before.

COVID, supply chain disruption, financial instability, and fuel prices; factors that put a strain on any ship manager’s job globally, and on the other hand, technology, new advancements, smart solutions, maritime intelligence, and the power of analytics and data; we discussed all these and more, listening carefully to the challenges ship owners or ship managers need to tackle, and we were also prepared to show them in action how MarineTraffic can help with their daily tasks and remove some burden from them.

Anastasia Milopoulou, MarineTraffic
Anastasia Milopoulou, Inside Sales Representative FleetOps, MarineTraffic

Anastasia commented, “Being able to engage again with the industry professionals was also an unmatched chance to gain a good insight of the maritime market and prepare solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. People have built trust in us over the years and this is why they want to see us lead the technological innovation path.”

And she continued, “Delivering innovative solutions is something that must be carried with passion, responsibility, and integrity. Our Fleet Operations Solution rests on these and also relies its success on the genuine feedback of our clients. We are always adaptable and ready for improvement.”

According to Dimitris Sousoudis, the particular solution is the answer to some of the current challenges people in the industry are currently facing. “We know how global sanctions have now created new tasks for each and every company,” Dimitris said. “What MarineTraffic and our Fleet Operations Solution are here to offer is to give users full access to very important data that will remove part of the liability. Adding to that, professionals can trust our tools for instant visibility of their ships any time of the day, enjoy detailed visualisation of their vessels’ movements even for a whole year back, and also gain access to valuable information about any other vessel around their asset; so many capabilities in just one place!” he added.

What caught our visitors’ attention?

MarineTraffic is the world’s leading ship tracking and maritime analytics provider. However few people are fully aware of the capabilities the Fleet Operations Solution offers. And Posidonia 2022 proved to be a good opportunity for our team to demonstrate the services live on a laptop. Big screens displaying explanatory videos of the services we offer would also help visitors get a much clearer idea of what we do.

“For each individual we talked to, we had the chance to showcase the tool in full mode and show how this Solution can meet their own specific needs. Everyone seemed to be pleasantly surprised and appreciative by this genuine and direct approach, as they were able to see in practice what the Fleet Operations Solution can really do to facilitate their unique case,” shared Anastasia.

The Fleet Operations Sales team both agree on the fact that most visitors were amazed about how fast they could gain full access to the voyage timeline of any vessel, its operations, or even other vessels that approached theirs, and excited about the ability to watch and replay any vessel’s past moves in a video.

Dimitris Sousoudis MarineTraffic
Dimitris Sousoudis, FleetOps Sales Manager, MarineTraffic

“In some cases,” Dimitris added, “we visualised vessel movements where incidents were involved, and our solution provided data, much faster and with more detail than what one would get from the VDR. For instance, the operations manager of a reputable Greek shipping company was amazed at how fast he was able to find out what vessel caused his vessel’s mooring line to break and drift in the port area, highlighting how time-consuming it is to be getting the data from the VDR. We also agreed on the fact that providing extra visual aids and more data that vessels do not necessarily transmit is another benefit of the Fleet Operations Solution that saves valuable time and effort for the operations manager. Of course, this is only one way someone can use our service. It is an ideal solution for a lot simpler and everyday tasks as well.”

What’s next to come?

The participation of MarineTraffic at the International Maritime Exhibition of Posidonia 2022 was concluded with great success. But what made the event even more successful was undoubtedly the high level of interest and engagement from everyone we talked to. The lively atmosphere definitely helped make our case! And so, in retrospect, it was a great opportunity to not only show off our product but also get some valuable feedback that will help us improve it even further.

 “To me, Posidonia 2022 marked a powerful opportunity for us to strengthen our established maritime ties but also to develop a strong new network of people that believe in the power of technology. I witnessed the fact that industry professionals are becoming very open to embracing and keeping up with the technological change provided by maritime intelligence. Fleet Operations Solution is what gives them the foundation to tackle some of their major shipping operational challenges while it serves as a mechanism of 24/7 transparency,” Anastasia concluded.

Our team feels grateful to have had the chance to exchange ideas with so many professionals and is looking forward to future opportunities to do so. In the meantime, we will keep working hard to provide you with the latest news, analysis, and insights on the maritime industry. 

“We are working towards connecting the ship with the shore (more on this soon!), helping with emissions, and more. What we can promise is that for every quarter from now on, we will be adding new features to the solution enriching it as much as possible. Helping Fleet Operators is our passion and our main focus for the next years!” Dimitris Sousoudis said.

Explore the Fleet Operations Solution today, and feel free to contact our team of experts for even more information, tips, and best practices here: 

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