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ELTIM audio BV
Address : Eenrummerweg 5
City : Mensingeweer
Postal Code : 9961 PC
Country : Netherlands


Since 2012 ELTIM Services provides several maps which are projected in Google Earth. We have a veriety kind of maps, but specialised in waterway maps. By now we have ready Netherlands, Belgium, the Elbe area, Rhine area, Loire area, etc. In our maps one can select groups of waterways in depth AND available height. While doing so, you can easily convert our map into a map showing where your ship could travel. In Google Earth you see a satellite picture of the waterway area and a coloured line in the middle of the waterway. The colour marks the depth, the width the difficulty of the specific waterway. While clicking on the line, a balloon presents the waterway data and sometimes extra info.  Our map shows you all the waterways wider than aprox. 3 meters and a lot of extra's like jetties, ports, boatramps, etc.

While using our map, all the Google Earth features stay intact and can be used at the same time.