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Business Directory

Connecting suppliers with buyers
* requires a MarineTraffic account

Get your company noticed

The MarineTraffic Business Directory is a valuable resource

How it works

The Business Directory has been created to give suppliers exposure to the huge number of maritime professionals using MarineTraffic every day. Companies listed in the Directory benefit from increased visibility and are presented to buyers at the key points in their purchasing process. Being listed at the ports you serve will put you directly in front of the key decision makers as they search the directory and navigate the Live Map.


  • Be Seen by the decision makers
    MarineTraffic is trusted by owners
  • Stand out in port
    Listing on the Business Directory makes your business visible to MarineTraffic users with a pin on your home port and a link to your sector on the port’s page.
  • Take visibility to the next level with additional Business Directory services
    Boost your exposure further with additional listing options. You can increase visibility even further by listing at multiple ports and including your contact details on the Live Map.

Get relevant visibility


Unique visitors per month.
MarineTraffic has the world’s largest maritime audience.


Ports and marinas covered across the world
We monitor and forecast arrivals and departures in every major port and marina across the world


Average daily time on site by maritime professionals
MarineTraffic is an essential tool for maritime professionals

Premier visibility minus the fees.

What you get
Port Listing
1 port
Pin on the Map
Visibility on vessel detail page
Visibility on port detail page
Enjoy expanded visibility for your company and all that, completely at no charge.

Get prime visibility on MarineTraffic most used feature (Live Map, Port/Vessel details pages).

Questions and Answers

Your Pin shows your home port location on the Live Map. Zoom level and promotion level will determine when your pin is visible.
Listing your business will ensure you feature in the Business Directory under the port of your choice. Promoted and Super Promoted companies can be listed in multiple ports.
Whenever a user searches for a port your serve
Whenever a user searches for a vessel currently within proximity of a port you serve