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Randlyn Petroleum (SL) Ltd.
Adres : Siaka Stevens Street
Şehir : Freetown
  Western Area
posta kodu : 23278
Ülke : Sierra Leone

Firma Açıklaması

Randlyn Petroleum provides gas oil bunkering services offshore and on the high seas, serving the needs of commercial vessels, fishing fleets and offshore platforms and their associated industries at highly competitive rates;using high-pressure pumps and Dynamic Positioning Systems to transfer fuels safely.

Over the years, Randlyn Petroleum has become a key player in the bunkering market in West Africa, with the advantage of benefiting from facilities at key strategic locations along the coasts of Sierra Leone.

Randlyn Petroleum owns and charters high quality ships and experienced crew that comply with the latest international standards, and has built a well-earned reputation for the highest quality service and expertise.