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Report your own position

Get your vessel displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map

Why should I report my own positions to MarineTraffic?

By reporting your own positions, MarineTraffic will be able to display your vessel on the Live Map.

Visibility: Real-time vessel positions displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map are extremely useful to a wide spectrum of users closely-related to the shipping industry one way or the other. To name a few, ship owners, agents, pilots, tug operators, port authorities, crews' families and friends, passengers, cargo handlers or recipients, brokers, leisure boaters, sailing racers, ship chandlers, bunkering companies, yacht charterers or brokers may have a reason to monitor the positions of your vessel. The list of interested parties is unlimited while the numbers speak for themselves; the visibility of the MarineTraffic website is such that the number of visitors per day well exceeds the half a million mark!

Safety: Although MarineTraffic is not intended to be used as a safety tool, there are many cases where making your position widely known could enhance your safety at sea. Making your position known to the public may be complementary to the official means of distress reporting (such as EPIRB or DSC radio) and may help in Search & Rescue (SAR) procedures where the position of the vessel cannot be acquired by other means.

Historical data: MarineTraffic stores historical data in its database. Historical data regarding the past movements of your vessel could be accessed for many reasons; such as just for fun or recollection, for statistical reasons, for analyzing tracks in comparison to weather conditions, for accident investigation etc. Consider it as an online log of yours!

Alternative methods to enable position reporting for your vessel

There are at least 5 alternative methods to enable position reporting for your vessel. These are listed below - click on any of them to find more information regarding the respective method:

As you may understand, even if your vessel is not equipped with an AIS transponder, there are other ways of being able to share your vessel's positions with MarineTraffic and, consequently, with the world!

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