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Compra crediti

Buy Credits
Più crediti compri, più risparmi.

Use MarineTraffic Credits if you need more Data Exporting power or if you want to extend your Notifications limits. You will also need Credits for our API polling services (consult our API documentation).Prices do not include VAT. Credits expire one year after the date of purchase and cannot be used outside of MarineTraffic.

100 Credits
USD 7.00 ( USD 0.070/credit )
500 Credits
USD 32.00 ( USD 0.064/credit )
1000 Credits
USD 59.00 ( USD 0.059/credit )
5000 Credits
USD 265.00 ( USD 0.053/credit )
10000 Credits
USD 470.00 ( USD 0.047/credit )
50000 Credits
USD 2119.00 ( USD 0.042/credit )
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