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We bridge the innovation gap in maritime logistics, focusing to provide the best fuel optimization system for shipping


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One part of Marine Digital solutions are for use on vessels and optimization of processes and activities of shipping companies: PortCall, Catering, FOS

Marine Digital FOS (Fuel Optimization System) allows an average 12% fuel consumption economy will lead to 240,000 $ year efficiency for ship owner per 1 vessel. Marine Digital FOS consists:

  1. Hardware part installed on the vessel and is responsible for gathering information about vessel and vessel performance, for example, Location, speed, RPM. It is a computer that accumulates data from a ship through and transmits an array of data to a neural network for further processing as well as received all planned routes and transmits it to ECDIS.
  2. Machine learning.A set of algorithms and mathematical models that are responsible for processing all data from the vessel and external data. Based on the results of processing the received data, the module offers several alternative routes for the movement of the vessel in order to save fuel
  3. Cloud-based software part provides real-time information about the current and planned indicators of the vessel and its route.

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