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Vicstar Maritime Limited
Dirección : 连云港路
Ciudad : 青岛市
País : China


Vicstar Maritime Limited provides marine ship / vessel & cargo survey services for all customers with professional and efficient skills at China's ports.

Our main services include but not limits to the below-listed items:

  1. Bunker Surveys
  2. Ship On / Off-hire Survey
  3. Bunker Sample Analysis
  4. Vessel Condition Surveys
  5. Ship Coating Inspection
  6. Gas Free Detection
  7. Quantity / Draft Survey
  8. Ullaging and Sampling for Petrol - Chemicals
  9. Port Captain / Supercargo Service
  10. Heavy Cargo Loading Supervision
  11. Loading / Unloading Survey
  12. Stowage and Lashing Survey
  13. Damaged Marine Cargo Surveys
  14. Loss and Damage Investigation
  15. Cargo Purchase Inspection
  16. Barge Services
  17. Others

Service Covered Ports:

Dandong port, Dalian port, Yingkou port, Jinzhou port, Qinhuangdao port, Jingtang port, Caofeidain port, Tianjin / Xingang port, Huanghua port, Fangzi port, Laizhou port, Longkou port, Penglai port, Yantai port, Weihai port, Qingdao port, Dongjiakou port, Rizhao port, Lanshan port, Ganyu port, Lianyungang port, Dafeng port, Zhoushan port, Ningbo port, Taizhou port, Wenzhou port, Ningde port, Fuzhou port, Quanzhou port, Xiamen port, Shantou port, Jieyang port, Shenzhen / Yantian port, Shenzhen / Chiwan port, Humen port, Nansha port, Guangzhou port, Zhuhai port, Yangjiang port, Zhanjiang port, Beihai port, Qinzhou port, Fangcheng port, Yangpu port, Sanya port, Hong Kong port, Shanghai port, Taicang port, Jiangyin port, Nantong port, Zhangjiagang port, Zhenjiang port, Changshu port, Nanjing port

We can arrange survey jobs at other remote ports or regions which didn't list above as well. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Vicstar Maritime Limited
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