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Vessel Timeline

Understand the vessel voyage, analyse its load status and gain extra insight into vessel route management.

Vessel's Timeline: Speed and draught profile

MarineTraffic's Vessel Timeline is an interactive report providing shipping, port, and logistics professionals with information on main vessel events over a period of time. It combines speed and draught profile for each vessel with relevant events such as arrivals, departures and destinations to offer an intelligent vessel voyage overview.

MarineTraffic's Vessel Timeline is available to all Pro plan subscribers and above.

Vessel Timeline - live demo

Increase vessel voyage monitoring
By getting immediate access to:

Vessel Speed
Voyage Speed Range (Average-Maximum)
Vessel Current Draught
Departure (Date and port)
Arrival (Date and port)
Destination (Date and port)

Improve Voyage Analysis
By getting access to:

Voyage Speed Range (Average-Maximum)
Vessel Draught (Current-Maximum)
Up to 60 days data range
Pinch to zoom up to a 5 minute detail

Gain insight into the vessel load status
By getting access to:

Vessel Current Draught
Vessel Maximum Draught