Fluechem | NOx / SOx Exhaust Gas Reduction

Fluechem | SOx & NOx Exhaust Gas Reduction, covering your fleets emissions.


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Fluechem Ltd
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Country : Netherlands


Fluechem is an international manufacturer of Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) 50% & Aqueous Urea Solution 40% (AUS40) serving the marine sector for exhaust gas abatement via Scrubber & SCR technology.

Our international production & holding sites owned by our parent company Ipotane Heavy Chemicals enables Fluechem to offer bulk or IBC solutions to marine fleets virtually at any port, we are always a stone through away for your vessel. Whether you require a static delivery at a ship yard or a technical spot fill at a remote port our experienced marine department can find solutions that will fit, and delivery at anchor is also possible (we can operate barge deliveries on your behalf or in conjunction with your port side agent).

We serve ports such as: Felixstowe, Rotterdam, Gothenburg, Stavanger, Turku, Gibraltar, Antibes, Corpus Christi, Los Angeles, Vancouver BC, Shanghai, Busan & many more.

Our company prides itself on our reputation and being a strong marine partner to your operation. Fluechem is border-less.