Les sauveteurs en mer SNSM - La Ciotat

"Pour que l'eau salée n'est jamais le goût des larmes."


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Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer
Address : Quai Ganteaume 1
City : La Ciotat
  Provence-Alpes-Côte dAzur
Postal Code : 13600
Country : France


Our missions

Saving lives atsea and on the coast

This first missionincludes offshore rescues carried out by volunteer rescue volunteersand surveillance of beaches, supported by volunteer swimmers.On-board lifeguards have the role of assisting any person in actualor potential shipwreck. They must demonstrate a high degree ofadaptability and know-how in order to respond effectively and safelyto the various situations that arise. In this task, they aresupported technically by an operational fleet and advanced equipment.The swimmers from the training and intervention centers of the SNSMoccupy the rescue stations on the beaches. They are used seasonallyby the coastal communities to rescue people on the beaches and atsea, up to 300 meters from the coast.

Training to save

The transmission ofexpertise in rescue and the constant updating of the knowledge of theactive teams are essential for Sea Life Rescuers. Within 32 trainingand intervention centers throughout France, 800 volunteer trainersprovide 400 hours of classes and workshops for future lifeguards.These will be made available to the local coastal communities durin