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C-Alarm - web-app for ships & your personnal certificates and documents.


Phone: +45 53 41 64 17
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Website: - certificate & CV web-app
Address : Langeliniekaj
City : København
Postal Code : 2100
Country : Denmark


Manage all your certificates and documentation in one single app. C-Alarm is an online webapp reminder service, via e-mail and SMS, that helps seafarers and maritime companies worldwide. The app keeps track of and monitors important certificates and other documents that regularly require renewal and updates.

All your certificates at hand

With C-Alarm you always have all your important documents and certificates right at hand, easily accessible. The webapp allows you to send your certificates and documents directly by email or download them to your device for fast documentation anywhere and anytime you need it. Your certificates can be viewed on multiple devices of your choice; smartphone, tablets, PC and Mac.

Personal CV

Need a personal documentation tool? Present yourself professionally to a prospective employer. Use our CV template that complies with the strict industry rules within offshore and maritime companies.You can easily scan or add new documents to your personal profile.

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