Al Jazeera Shipping Co. W.l.l.

Serving Marine & Offshore Industry


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Al Jazeera Shipping Co. W.l.l.
Address : Mina Salman Industrial Area
City : Manama
P.O. BOX: 302
Postal Code : 302
Country : Bahrain


Al Jazeera Shipping Company (AJS)has been active in the maritime industry and the offshore and oil industry for over the last 35 years and has a fleet of over 150 units consisting of various sizes and types of Tugs, Barges and other equipment. AJS is considered to be one of the largest marine operators in the Gulf region with vessels working all over the Arabian Gulf amongst other offshore companies operating in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq as well as Iran, India and other countries in the region.

AJS is well known amongst all the marine and offshore industrial establishments, Bahrain Port Authorities, Shipping Agencies, etc, providing supplies and services required for Merchant Navy and the Naval Forces of the United States, The Royal British Navy, and other visiting Navy Naval vessels. 

Al Jazeera Shipping Co enjoy respect of the industry for its efficiency, commitment and reliability.

Committed to achieving and maintaining excellence, AJS adopted a rigorous quality management system designed to systematically ensure high quality services while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal business processes