Tankmatch B.V.

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Tankmatch B.V.
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We strongly believe in our mission. For us this is not just an empty phrase but a deep belief embedded in our organisation. Our work is our passion and we have created a goal that fits this passion:

Our goal is safe, reliable and efficient transport of high grade chemicals on the European waterways with the dedicated ambition to offer our customer the best service possible.

The right approach starts with the right perspective. That is the only way we can expand our knowledge, our relations and our qualities. Our view is not narrow-minded but offers a broad perspective on our and your future. 

Our primary goal is to become one of Europe’s top players in the chemical inland shipping trade. Our commercial goal is to establish long term partnerships with our clients. By guaranteeing the highest level of quality, reliability and safety. We are continuously seeking opportunities for growth, mainly in expanding our double hulled fleet.