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SealXpert Products offer a range of proven maintenance and repair products that are unique in pipeline service. These products eliminate or minimize the cost of plants and equipment downtime


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Sealxpert Products Pte Ltd
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Our range of maintenance and repair products are used for leak repair,corrosion protection and reinforcement, parts repair and rebuilding, corrosionand wear coating, pipeline rehabilitation, fire protection coating, splash zonerepair, epoxy wrap, storage vessel repair, repair coating, pipe coating repair,industrial adhesives, etc. Each of the products are engineered to be applied onmany applications.

SealXpert Products wasfounded in 2004. For the past 11 years, we have evolved from a specializedengineering service provider offering pipeline rehabilitation and interventionservices across various industries to an engineered pipeline solutionsprovider.

Withour head office is based in Singapore, we provide technical and sales supportto our international base of clients operating both onshore and offshore based ontheir requirements.SealXpertProducts values long-term and sustainable business operations. As such, weconduct our business responsibly and to the benefits of all stakeholders.