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Address : Carrer Autovia de Salou
City : Tarragona
Postal Code : 43006
Country : Spain


Installed in the Tarragona chemical complex since 1965, Asfaltos Españoles, SA, ASESA, is a company engaged in oil refining, specializing in the production of bitumen.

With a refining capacity of 1.4 million tons of crude oil, equivalent to 2% of the total Spanish one, ASESA produces 1 million tons of bitumen. This amount represents 45% of total production of this hydrocarbon in Spain which determines a clear national leadership position.

The annual production of bitumen in ASESA, would allow the construction of 5,500 km of new two-lane road.

The technological efforts carried out on site allow that between 50% and 75% of ASESA’s production is destined to export.

From the beginning of its activities ASESA has a port concession by which manages three berthing terminals that allow the company to meet, by sea, raw material supply needs and dispatch of finished product.

Alongside its refining activity, ASESA has a high efficiency cogeneration plant, with an output of 14.25 MWh, which lets the company to export to the network about 11 MWh. The electricity produced by the ASESA plant, is equivalent to the electricity consumption of a population of about 2,000 inhabitants and is an important contribution to the fight against climate change with an annual reduction of 21,500 tons of COemissions generated globally in Spain.

ASESA is a company that maintains its commitment with the Territory from the conviction that its refining business oriented to the manufacture of bitumen, as well as efficient, must be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. ASESA has the conviction that this is the route by which the Company will advance on the way to excellence.