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MarineTraffic Contributors’ Contest 2016 Results

Stations are sorted according to their rank on 01/10/2017. Ranks have been assigned to the stations according the rules of the contest.
Prizes will be given to the winners, according to this table. All station IDs registered on our database automatically participated in the contest, excluding aggregate feeds and stations operated directly by MarineTraffic employees.

All stations ranked as Captain Special Prize for River Master: LG Watch Urbane
Country Station ID Place - Station name Status Availability (%) Ranking Name
US 907 Timberlake, OH ONLINE 100.0 River Master
FR 1120 Canteleu ONLINE 100.0 River Master
FR 1472 Saint Omer ONLINE 100.0 River Master
US 1864 Metropolis IL ONLINE 100.0 River Master
BE 2995 Niel ONLINE 100.0 River Master
CA 2302 Kingsville, ON ONLINE 99.9 River Master
AR 2655 Diamante, Argentina - InfoAire ONLINE 99.9 River Master
UY 2574 AEROMARINE for SCHANDY SA ONLINE 99.8 River Master
US 859 Gratiot Lake ONLINE 99.7 River Master
US 1167 N. Chesapeake Bay ONLINE 99.4 River Master