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Lighthouses list near your current location with details and photos.

Search for lights & Aids to Navigation (AtoN) around your current location. Discover lights that might be near you find details & view photos. All the results are calculated in a radius around your current location. Use the filters to narrow down your search results.

Country Name of Light Photo Location / Area / Island Type of Light/AtoN Type of Flashing Number of Flashes Interval of Flashing Light Color Focal Height Light Range Year Built Operational
DE Friedrichsort Kiel Fjord Lighthouse Fixed (F) 1 4 s White-Red-Green Sectors / WRG 32 m 1971 Non operational
FR Saint-Mathieu Feu Posterieur Brittany, Northern Finistère Lighthouse Flashing (Fl) 1 15 s White / W 56 m 1835 Operational
GR Piraeus Molos Themistokleus Piraeus Lighthouse Flashing (Fl) 1 6 s Green / G 14 m 13 M Operational
GB St. Anthonys Head SouthWest Coast of England Lighthouse Isophase (Iso) 1 15 s White-Red Sectors / WR 22 m 16 M 1835 Non operational
FR La Vieille Brittany, Southern Finistère Lighthouse Occulting (Occ) 1 12 s White-Red-Green Sectors / WRG 33 m 1887 Operational
GR Piraeus Molos Vasileus Georgios Piraeus Lighthouse Flashing (Fl) 1 7 s Red / R 14 m Operational
FR Creach Brittany, Northern Finistère Lighthouse Flashing (Fl) 2 10 s White / W 70 m 1863 Operational
GB Tynemouth NorthEast England Lighthouse Flashing (Fl) 1 10 s White / W 26 m 1903 Operational
DE Kugelbake Cuxhaven Lighthouse 0 Non operational
CA Trial Island Light Station Trial Islands Lighthouse Flashing (Fl) 1 5 s Green / G 28 m 1906 Operational