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United Kingdom Latitude / Longitude: 0° / 0°
Description : The light at the Needles has two white, two red and one green sector, with one of the red sectors intensified, these are set out as follows: Red intensified sector shore to 300 marks the St Anthony Rocks White sector 300 to 083 marks the approach to the Needles Channel from the west Red sector 083 to 212 marks the Shingles Bank White sector 212 to 217 marks the course through the Needles Channel Green sector 217 to 224 marks a safe channel past the Hatherwood Rocks and the Warden Ledge
Type: Lighthouse
Type of Flashing: Flashing (Fl)
Number of Flashes: 2
Light Color: White-Red-Green Sectors / WRG
Interval of Flashing: 20s
Focal Height: 24m
Light Range: 17M
Location / Area / Island: Isle of Wight
Year Built: 1859
Operational: Yes
Shape & Material Round Tower
Color of Structure Red / White


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