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Argentina Latitude / Longitude: -52.66423° / -68.60215°
Description : Cape Espritu Santo, is located in the extreme north of the Argentine sector of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, in the eastern mouth of the Strait of Magellan. The lighthouse is built in a desert area and on a ravine 40 meters high above sea level. It is located approximately 200 kilometers north of the city of Ro Grande and 800 meters from the landmark that marks the boundary with the Republic of Chile. Since 2001, it has been using solar photo-voltaic energy.
Type: Lighthouse
Type of Flashing: Flashing (Fl)
Number of Flashes: 3
Light Color: White / W
Interval of Flashing: 50s
Focal Height: 53m
Light Range: 12M
Location / Area / Island: Region Patagonia/ Provincia Tierra del Fuego/ Dept Rio Grande/ Cabo EspĂ­ritu Santo
Year Built: 1976
Shape & Material Troncopiramidal tower of iron, with square base, storage box at the foot.
Color of Structure Seven alternating yellow and black horizontal stripes


Vessel Name Distance Bearing
POSEIDON 6.38 60
AM1 11.24 44
AM2 12.66 56
AM5 13.94 66
AM3 14.48 54
AM6 17.57 78
VTS 7010026 21.62 21