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Argentina Latitude/Longitude: -37.46435° / -57.11137°
Description : This lighthouse is inhabited. 15 Kms south of the city of Mar Azul, is the Municipal Natural Reserve of Villa Gesell Faro Querand, which was created with the aim of preserving the biodiversity and ecosystem of coastal dunes in their natural state along with its flora and fauna, covering environments of dunes, lowlands, pastures and beaches.
Type: Lighthouse
Type of Flashing: Flashing (Fl)
Number of Flashes: 5
Light Color: White / W
Interval of Flashing: 26s
Focal Height: 65m
Location / Area / Island: Region Pampa/ Provincia Buenos Aires/ Dept Villa Gesell/ Mar Azul
Operational: Yes
Shape & Material Trunk tower of masonry and sentry box
Color of Structure Black and white horizontal stripes.

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