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Nautical Charts

Track Vessels on global Nautical Maps and get access to the marine environment.

Nautical Charts by Transas

Nautical Charts

Available with the PRO Plan or higher

Use MarineTraffic global, detailed Nautical Charts to view navigable waters with bathymetry, landmarks and navigational hazards.

Activate the Nautical Chart on top of the MarineTraffic Live Map to gain access to:

pilotage information such as sea bed, sea marks and landmarks
port details such as berths, dry docks and terminal location
position and characteristics of buoys, lights, lighthouses
depths of water and heights of land

The charts cover coastal and offshore waters around the world, with navigation information. The Transas TX-97 Electronic Vector Charts provide global water surface coverage and are updated from Notices to Mariners issued by Hydrographic Organizations in different countries.