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Intership Ltd.
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СompanyIntership has been operating on the market more than 10 years. We have uniqueexperience in offshore projects in the Arctic zone. Over the past 4 years, weare the only one company in the Murmansk region that successfully provides,agency and logistics services to supply vessels and drilling rigs engaged inexploratory drilling in the Kara Sea. Based on extensive experience, knowledgeof the local market and laws, as well as strong ties with foreign companies. We can offer you a full range of services.

  1. Search and Freight ships that are tailored specifically to your requirements.
  2. Preparation of permits for the operation of foreign ships in the Arctic zone and territorial waters of the Russian Federation. Customs clearance.
  3. Agency services. Registration of entry / exit caravans of ships and drilling platforms.
  4. Development of logistics schemes for the movement of goods between drilling and port supply bases
  5. Providing a fleet onshore supply base.
  6. Supply of vessels and drilling platforms with food and technical equipment.
  7. Bunkering with fuel and drinking water.

Wewill be happy to help you in any of your projects, and will answer all your questions. qquestionsuestions. If we can be usefulto you, please contact us. For more details contact