DUC Marine Group

Subsea, marine and offshore construction services


Telefon: +31 52 7684444
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]
DUC Marine Group (DUC Diving B.V.)
Adresse : Marsdiep 23
Stadt : Urk
Postleitzahl : 8321 MC
Staat : Netherlands


DUC Marine Group permanently employs a large crew of divers. They each have their own special skill set such as Concrete Repair, U/W Welding and Cutting, Salvage Works, UXO Detection and Removal, Sonar and ROV Works, etc.

Our crew is dedicated, resourceful and motivated to get a job done on time and within budget.We can rely on their expertise, experience and ingenuity to provide a basis for consistent quality.

We ensure our divers’ certifications are up-to-date and they adhere to every Health, Safety and Quality requirement.