Bureau of Independent Surveyors Ltd.


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Bureau of Independent Surveyors Ltd.
Adresse : улица Полярные Зори 49 корпус 2
Stadt : Мурманск
  Мурманская область
Postleitzahl : 183025
Staat : Russia


“BUREAU OF INDEPENDENT SURVEYORSLTD.” is a surveying company established in world’s biggest port beyond thePolar Circle – Murmansk, Russia. The company has been foundedin 2003 by group of professionals earned their skills during years of workproviding marine services in Russian ports and abroad.Conducting marine and cargo surveysfrom the first years of formation of Russian surveyor’s institution and workingwith a variety of bulk, general and liquid cargoes, we have accumulated vastknowledge and experience in the fields of survey,risk analysis, loss prevention and damage control.

We could provide you with thefollowing scope of services:

-          Liability:

∙  Carrier'sliability

∙  Forwarder'sliability

∙  Stevedores'liability

-          Cargo:

∙  Preshipmentsurveys

∙  Loadingand unloading surveys

∙  Draftsurveys

∙  Samplingand analysis

∙  Tally

∙  Stowage,lashing and securing surveys

∙  Containerinspections

∙  Sealing /unsealing cargo compartments

∙  Cargodamage surveys and quality control

∙  Warehouseinspections

-          Marine:

∙  On- andoff-hire surveys

∙  Full, Pre-loadingcondition surveys

∙  Bunkersurveys

∙  Bunkersampling and analysis

∙  Hatchcover surveys

-          Hull &Machinery:

∙  Conditionsurveys

∙  Casualties

-          P & I servicesand Loss prevention:

∙  Risk analysisand investigation

∙  Casualties

∙  Assistance toMaster

Ourcompany is independent, so if you need to have unprejudiced opinion andimpartial report – feel free to contact us. Mainly we cover MURMANSK,KANDALAKSHA, ARCHANGELSK and ST.PETERSBURG ports of RUSSIA and KIRKENES in NOR