Fleet Cleaner - Hull Cleaning

Robotic hull cleaning and hull inspection during cargo operations, order your underwater services now


Telefon: +31 61 4056647
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]
Fleet Cleaner
Adresse : Markweg 200
Stadt : Europoort Rotterdam
Postleitzahl : 3198 NB
Staat : Netherlands


Fleet Cleaner is a Dutch company, specialized in hull cleaning and inspection operations using a unique solution. With a remotely operated cleaning robot, Fleet Cleaner is capable of cleaning the vessels’s hull under and above the waterline during the cargo operation. With the ability to collect the fouling, Fleet Cleaner is allowed to clean within all ports in The Netherlands. Vessels will not suffer from any downtime and the cleaning results in fuel savings and emission reductions. The service is 24/7 available in all Dutch & Belgium ports. We deliver:⁃Hull cleaning above and below the waterline⁃No coating damage⁃Capture of all removed fouling⁃Cleaning over curved surfaces⁃Extensive report after every cleaning operation⁃Fuel savings and emission reductions without causing downtime For more information see: or email [email protected] to order underwater services.