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Al Safwan Marine Equip. Maint LLC
Adresse : Industrial Area 15
Stadt : Sharjah
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Staat : United Arab Emirates


Annual or Five Yearly Inspection of Lifeboats and Rescue Boats, Fire Fighting Safety including CO2 Inspection, EEBD, SCBA, Foam Sample Analysis, Air Sample Analysis, Automation, Annual Liferaft Inspection, Fixed Gas detection systems, UTI Gauging Tapes, Pressures Gauges and Transmitters Temperature Gauges and Transmitters Thermocouples and RTDS 15 PPM Monitor for the Oily Water Separators ODME systems Tank Level Gauging systems Electrical Panel Meters - Voltmeter Ammeters KW meters etc. Measuring Instruments, Abu Dhabi Port, Dubai Drydock, Sharjah Khalid Port, Dubai Maritime City, Fujairah Anchorage, RAK Port, Sharjah Hamriya Port, UAE and Oman.