Ciconia Ltd.


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Ciconia Ltd.
Adresse : ulitsa Tsar Simeon I 27
Stadt : Varna
Firmenpostfach: 9000
Postleitzahl : 9000
Staat : Bulgaria


We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves to you.

Ciconia Ltd. was established in 1990. The company is specialized in the following shipping services:

• Delivery of all types of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment;

• Re-filling and maintenance of air breathing apparatus;
• Hydraulic and pneumatic test of all kinds of fire extinguishers and bottles under high pressure of up to 600 bars;
• Re-filling of CO2;Inert gas;FM 200; Novec 1230 cylinders up to 100 litters;
• Level check of the CO2;Halon;Fm 200;Novec 1230 cylinders;
• Design,Inspection of CO2, inert gas systems;FM200;Novec 1230;Water mist; foam and dry powder installation;