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Río Negro

Argentina Breite/Länge: -41.05775° / -62.8389°
Beschreibung : The Ro Negro lighthouse, located in El Condor spa, 32 kilometers from the city of Viedma. It is the oldest lighthouse in all of Patagonia and Argentina, inaugurated May 15, 1887. After 130 years of operation, the lighthouse It became a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A blue United Nations shield was placed to identify it and be preserved. From there, you can see the confluence of the Black River and the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, there is a single panoramic view of the whole area.
Typ: Lighthouse
Signaltyp: Flashing (Fl)
Anzahl Der Signale: 2
Lichtfarbe: White / W
Signalintervall: 20s
Signalhöhe: 43m
Ort / Gegend / Insel: Region Patagonia/ Provincia Rio Negro/ Dept Alsina/ Desembocadura Rio Negro
Operational: Ja
Form & Material White cylindrical tower with upper gate and a house
Farbe Des Bauwerks White

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