Tracking Maritime Trends

A series of digital sessions on the future of shipping

MarineTraffic, in association with Posidonia and Navigate PR, are delighted to present a series of webinars analysing the maritime landscape following a turbulent few months for the global economy. 

Over four sessions, and with an array of industry experts ready to offer insight and opinion, we will cover several key topics: 

  • A snapshot view of the dry bulk markets
  • What box movements are telling us about global trade
  • How data-led decisions across the shipping industry will help us recover from COVID-19 restrictions 
  • How ports are using AI, big data and the Internet of Things to become more efficient. 

The webinars feature speakers from an array of multinational companies.  

Experts from UNCTAD, Port of Los Angeles, IFCHOR, Maersk, The Port of Rotterdam and CNBC will all be offering comprehensive analysis. 

Each webinar is free to attend and is designed to inform and bring together end-users of shipping as well as owners and operators, brokers, ports and IT firms.

Dry Bulk Commodities and Shipping: A Snapshot View | 18 June | 2:00 pm BST

Since COVID-19 hit, vessel earnings are down and demand has been suppressed. 

We’ve seen the Baltic Dry Index hit near record lows, mining operations curtailed and vessel scrapping activity down. The IMF has forecast a three per cent contraction in the global economy, so where does that leave the dry bulk sector? 

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, our speakers take a high-level look at the demand and supply side for the dry bulk markets focusing on the capesize, panamax, supramax and handysize sectors.

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Containers Don’t Lie: Global Trade Forecast |23 June | 5:00 pm BST

Connecting markets, containers are the lifeblood of the global economy.

But has COVID-19 changed everything? What are ship movements and port throughput statistics telling us?

With over 10 per cent of containership capacity lying idle, are we seeing the shape of the global economy adjust before our eyes as supply chains readjust to reflect radically different consumer habits? Five experts give their perspectives.

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Maritime Digitalisation – Unlocking Opportunities for the Shipping Industry| 25 June | 2:00 pm BST

In a highly connected, fast-changing world, it is often the details that create competitive advantages. 

Informed decision making supported by data & market expertise, has always been a key to creating efficiencies. In the post-COVID 19 world, the need for smart thinking is greater than ever before. 

​​​​​​​Our panel of experts looks at this accelerating digitalisation process and how shipping-related professionals can best make use of the huge volumes of the available information, data interchange, and standardisation efforts.

Watch the webinar on demand here:

Reducing emissions by improving efficiency in the Ship-Port Interface| 30 June | 2:00 pm BST

Ships which are able to arrive in port “just-in-time” burn less fuel. 

Making the ship-port interface as efficient as possible is an important way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Members of Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping (GIA), an IMO led public-private partnership initiative, discuss a range of initiatives that the group is working on including the improvement and availability of data; renewable onshore power supply; bunkering operations and incentives to promote low and zero carbon shipping.

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