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Keeping seafarers online in coronavirus mental health battle

Internet connectivity is crucial in the battle to look after seafarers, according to industry experts.  Coronavirus cases are continuing to rise around the world despite the efforts of governments.  And as we head into winter in Europe, the pandemic is set to remain centre stage on the news agenda. For[…]

Tracking Maritime Trends

MarineTraffic, in association with Posidonia and Navigate PR, are delighted to present a series of webinars analysing the maritime landscape following a turbulent few months for the global economy.  Over four sessions, and with an array of industry experts ready to offer insight and opinion, we will cover several key[…]

MarineTraffic showcase Just-In-Time concept at the Algeciras Port IT Symposium

This week, Dimitris Mitrodimas, Data Scientist at MarineTraffic, speaks at the Algeciras Port IT Symposium to discuss how intelligent use of AIS through Just-In-Time operations of ships will reduce operational cost and carbon emissions. Speaking ahead of the symposium Dimitris said: “Visibility of port operations could be greatly improved through[…]

Falsifying flags

Every ship needs to fly a flag to trade internationally. Some countries such as Panama and Liberia allow shipowners with no ties to their country to register their ships under their flag, whilst others insist on tangible connections such as crew nationality or ownership. The open and closed registry arrangement[…]

New COO sets sights on MarineTraffic growth

The new MarineTraffic COO is bouncing with energy. “I am just so excited about what’s happening here in Athens,” says Nikos Psaltopoulos as he surveys the busy traffic from his office window overlooking Leof. Kifisias. “Right here, right now the Athens IT and start-up scene is booming. We’ve got some[…]

The AI impact on maritime Crisis Communications

If you read news, sports, product descriptions, weather reports, or just about anything else online, there is a very good chance that you have read something written by a computer with little or no human input and never realised it. A company called Wordsmith has been writing automated content for The[…]