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Seafarer vaccination push must remain key priority for policy makers

The race to vaccinate seafarers is slowly gaining momentum.  Coronavirus cases remain stubbornly high globally despite the efforts of governments. But with vaccinations now on the table, there remains hope Covid-19 can be brought under control in the second half of 2021.  India has sadly become the epicentre of the[…]

Cruise sector looks to bounce back after coronavirus challenges

Photo Credit: Egawa Tomoki, MarineTraffic.com  The cruise sector has taken an unprecedented battering since the coronavirus pandemic started sweeping across the globe last year.  Cruise ship arrivals were down a staggering 55% in 2020. MarineTraffic AIS data shows that just 26,080 passenger ships (>49,999 GT) arrived at ports worldwide last[…]

Christmas, coronavirus and Brexit cause concern for major UK port

Photo Credit: FBN Raiger, MarineTraffic.com Felixstowe is a major UK port and handles a hefty 40 per cent of containers coming into and out the country. But with Christmas just a few short weeks away, all is not well behind the scenes on the Suffolk coast.  Several factors are at play.[…]

Cruise ship graveyard is tragic ‘new normal’

The Aliaga shipyard offers a brutal reminder of the impact COVID-19 has had on the cruise industry. Five gigantic vessels sit packed close together in western Turkey as they’re slowly stripped for parts. The sector became one of the early focuses of the pandemic. Several cruise ships saw some of[…]

Keeping seafarers online in coronavirus mental health battle

Internet connectivity is crucial in the battle to look after seafarers, according to industry experts.  Coronavirus cases are continuing to rise around the world despite the efforts of governments.  And as we head into winter in Europe, the pandemic is set to remain centre stage on the news agenda. For[…]

Looking after hardworking seafarers is crucial in final quarter of 2020

Some white-collar workers are heading back to the office after the summer lull.  But with coronavirus cases still stubbornly high around the world, a mass return to the norms of 12 months ago doesn’t look likely any time soon.  Many businesses – including MarineTraffic – are still happy for their[…]