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Maritime digitalisation is now unlocking opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic can have a positive impact on digital transformation in the maritime industry.  That’s according to the panel of experts in our recent webinar, ‘Maritime Digitalisation – Unlocking Opportunities for the Shipping Industry’.  ​​​​​​​After the cornonavirus was discovered in Wuhan, it was China that was first forced to[…]

London visit provides basis for better media support

MarineTraffic receives numerous requests each week from the global media for anything from tracking ships of interest to providing images and supplying previous vessel positions. While each request is unique, the process for solving each query is often the same. MarineTraffic is looking to develop solutions to allow journalists to[…]

The AI impact on maritime Crisis Communications

If you read news, sports, product descriptions, weather reports, or just about anything else online, there is a very good chance that you have read something written by a computer with little or no human input and never realised it. A company called Wordsmith has been writing automated content for The[…]

Using MarineTraffic data for economic analysis

The data provided by MarineTraffic are an invaluable tool for economists that study the freight market. Interest in freight markets as a field of academic study has increased since the commodity price boom of early 2000s’. Shipping and freight rates are now recognised as leading indicators of world economic activity[…]

Maximising maritime efficiency through the power of big data

Like many at MarineTraffic, Stellios took his first steps in the maritime industry when he walked through the doors at the company’s headquarters in Athens. Despite the industry being new to him, his specialism in statistics and data interpretation were long-held passions. “During my high-school years, Statistics and Probability Theory[…]

Four ways AIS has changed shipping

This blog post was updated on 5/6/2019  Shipping, or the movement of people and goods by sea, is one of the most ancient and widely used forms of transportation. From the days of the Phoenicians right through to the European explorers discovering the ‘new world,’ man sailed the seas on[…]