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Vessel details that can be changed in AIS transponders

There was a lot of buzz in the Asian media last week about the name change of a superyacht that belongs to Jho Low, a Malaysian billionaire. According to leading publications like The Straits Times from Singapore, the name of the vessel was changed from “Equanimity” to “Tranquility”, with journalists[…]

Filling the blanks

In the English language, the words ‘routes’ and ‘roots’ are often confused, misspelt or misinterpreted. Rarely do we need to use both at the same time during conversation, but in the case of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), roots inform routes. With all the innovative uses of AIS, it is important[…]

The evolution of AIS on board

Interview with Andrew Armstrong from Comar Systems, who designs and manufactures bespoke AIS equipment for MarineTraffic.   MarineTraffic station owners will already be familiar with Comar Systems as they produce the kit required to set up an AIS receiving station. Formed 30 years ago, Comar Systems are world leaders in[…]