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The amazing story of Dave Muller

We are happy to get an interview with one of our AIS Data contributors who authored the book “Not Child’s Play”. He is one of the many AIS station owners who believe that regardless of whether or not you have technical background or involvement in maritime business, you can put[…]

Existential questions for globalisation remain

Photo Credit: Gary Lam, MarineTraffic.com Coronavirus vaccines look set to be rolled out gradually in 2021, but has the pandemic already turned back the tide of globalisation? The unprecedented economic turmoil caused by COVID-19 highlighted the delicate nature of integrated supply chains.    As the deadly virus spread in the Far[…]

Using data to build a resilient supply chain

The supply chain industry has long understood the value of using data to drive efficiency in the planning and the decision-making process. Advancements in technology have enabled more data-driven and cost-effective operations, helping supply chain stakeholders deal with all the complexities and inefficiencies that they are facing today. Data can[…]

Improving accuracy on Calculated ETA

MarineTraffic has recently added a third satellite provider to what is already the world’s largest and most extensive coastal network of AIS receivers, consisting of over 3,500 stations. The combination of satellite AIS data along with the high resolution of data from the MarineTraffic coastal stations, enable us to provide[…]

Maximising maritime efficiency through the power of big data

Like many at MarineTraffic, Stellios took his first steps in the maritime industry when he walked through the doors at the company’s headquarters in Athens. Despite the industry being new to him, his specialism in statistics and data interpretation were long-held passions. “During my high-school years, Statistics and Probability Theory[…]