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Dive into our latest product updates including useful insights for areas, ensuring a faster navigation on our Live Map

This blog post was updated on 15/11/2021

We decided to put together all the recent improvements we have made on our Live Map over the past month, to help you get the most out of it. So, what’s new?

Find what you’re looking for on MarineTraffic more easily by using our improved search and benefit from our new Live Map filters designed to help you sort through information and focus on the Areas you want.

Improved search functionality

We’ve introduced a faster and easier way to search not only for any vessel around the world, but for a number of other categories including ports, vessel-related news, your Fleets, Notes, specific Areas, Lighthouses, companies and AIS stations.

Our improved search functionality helps you:

  • Narrow results; just click on a category eg. Vessels, Ports
  • Quickly find any page eg. type “My Notifications”
  • Look up the news eg. type “Accident in Piraeus”
  • Search your Fleets eg. type the vessel or fleet name
  • Find your Notes eg. type the vessel name or note text

Areas of interest

Aiming to provide our users with even more detailed information around areas that are of great interest to them, we’ve added some new categories. Through this updated section of our Live Map, you can now display 12 different geographical areas including:

  • My Custom areas: Display on the Live Map the area(s) you have defined 
  • ECA Zones: View all the Emission Control Areas in which stricter controls were established to minimise airborne emissions from ships
  • Piracy Zones: Check all the areas that are of high risk of being targeted by sea pirates
  • JWC War Areas: See all the areas listed as Joint War Committee Areas
  • EEZ: Display all Exclusive Economic Zones worldwide
  • MARPOL A1-A5 Areas: See the MARPOL areas where the adoption of special mandatory methods for the prevention of pollution of the sea from ships is required
  • Load Line Zones: Display all the load line zones in each geographical area where specific conditions regarding the draft of the vessel may apply
  • TSS: Explore the Traffic Separation Schemes, used to regulate the traffic at busy waterways or around capes and indicate the general direction of the ships in that zone
  • Offshore Wind Farms: Display the wind farms located in bodies of water to harvest wind energy to generate electricity
  • NAVAreas: Display all the NAVAREAs (NAVigational AREAs), as defined by the World Wide Navigational Warning Service (WWNW)
  • Trade Areas: Display all primary commercial route areas
  • Geographical Areas: See specific areas around the world that are defined based on geographical criteria
  • Rivers: Display on the Live Map major rivers around the world
  • Lakes: Display on the Live Map major lakes located worldwide

These Areas of Interest allow you to plan and monitor a safe voyage while making sure to avoid certain locations or be aware of the increased danger/risk while the vessel passes through these locations. By using these layers of our Live Map, not only you are able to quickly visualise them, but also to access useful information about these areas.

Each area links to a specific page where you can find all the data you need spanning from the number of vessels within this area to the ones that recently entered or left along with other key details. That makes it a great reporting tool as you can access a full list of the vessels that have been active in this area over the past 24 hours including the links to each vessel’s page.

More key details include the geographical coordinates of the relative area, wind data, the average time spent by vessels in this area, and the average distance travelled by vessels while in there.

You can also search through and access more information about Areas of Interest by using the MarineTraffic Data Exploration tool, as seen in this image below.

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Similar to all Vessel Detail pages, you can easily create Notifications for your specific Area of Interest through each page and make sure you always stay informed and alerted on key updates. Improved situational awareness is key when navigating your fleet around the world

Tip: Remember that our global search bar helps you easily filter out your search to only the specific “areas” category. You just need to choose the “Areas” category from the displayed options, as shown previously at the beginning of this blog post. 

While the Exclusive Economic Zones (EZZ) is our most recent addition to the Areas of Interest, it is already listed among the most popular layers of our Live Map. This filter allows you to easily map the boundaries of these areas around the world and access useful information around the specific zone and the activity around it. 


SafetyNET Areas

MarineTraffic SafetyNET layers

Our Live Map Layers have recently had another key addition. Our users can now leverage the SafetyNET Areas to visualise specific areas that are addressed in navigational and meteorological warnings, meteorological forecasts, and other urgent, safety-related messages broadcast to ships via Inmarsat EGC system.

Did you know? You can even enable the SafetyNET while also having other Live Map layers on, and display them all at the same time on the Live Map. 

SafetyNET MarineTraffic Live Map layer
Similar to the rest of the Areas as described previously, the SafetyNET Areas are linked to specific pages where one can explore more area details, and create Notifications.

Wondering how you can access these new layers?

If you haven’t registered yet, you can create your free MarineTraffic account here. All the layers are available when activating one of our Professional or Professional Plus Plans.

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