Serving a unique region

How MarineTraffic is building stronger bonds with the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean

It’s peak hour in Athens on a Friday afternoon, and MarineTraffic Sales Executive Dimitris Sousoudis is rushing back to the office from a series of meetings in Piraeus. Stuck in traffic, he uses the time to make some follow up calls to clients to make sure they are getting the most out of our service.

It’s very important to MarineTraffic, and to me, that people are leveraging our service to its full potential. Just as important is that they can rely on me for any assistance they may need. Having a personal relationship is important, which is why I’m not one of those sales guys stuck in an office making calls all day, I like to get out and meet people,” said Dimitris.

Darting between the office and Piraeus, one of the world’s leading shipping hubs, can be very time consuming. Athens traffic can also be very frustrating. But Dimitris, the Sales Executive responsible for the Middle East, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, sees great value in his approach.

In this part of the world we place great value in relationships, but it also gives me an opportunity to really understand people, and what they want from MarineTraffic. I am not in it for a quick sell, I am looking to develop long lasting partnerships.” Having been with the company for over three years, Dimitris says he has learnt a lot from his colleagues and from his experience as the MarineTraffic advertising manager, his previous role before moving to sales.

I started in advertising which made me understand how important relationships are and by speaking with suppliers I understood a lot about how the sector works.” As someone that places merit on the company’s core values, Dimitris wanted to offer more to MarineTraffic, and took up studies in shipping, completing a course with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers of London (ICS).

Exceeding expectations is a core value at MarineTraffic and I always believed I could do more, so I have been learning as much as possible from those around me and by taking courses, then applying this to my job. It has really helped me to further understand the market we serve, and I can see people appreciating that”, said Dimitris.

Over recent months, Michael Karagiannis, President of Roswell Tankers Corp., has worked closely with Dimitris, and says he has been exceptional in helping to set up the MarineTraffic service for their business. “His 24/7 availability and clear communication let us fine tune our accounts to suit our needs the best,” said Mr Karagiannis.

Dimitris will now be working closely with the recently appointed Head of Sales, Vlassis Papapagiannis, to ensure the region he covers gets the attention it deserves. “The Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean region are very exciting and diverse, on any given day you could be dealing with Greek shipowners, Cypriot managers, Turkish yards or charterers in the Middle East. MarineTraffic is always looking to provide innovative solutions across all sectors.