Rotterdam ready for World Port Hackathon

The World Port Hackathon kicks off in the port city of Rotterdam in less than two weeks. After three successful editions, this year’s edition promises to be a great success as well!

The World Port Hackathon revolves mainly about big data and technology. During the Hackathon, teams work on challenges which are pre-defined in collaboration with the port community. These challenges, combined with the data and the expertise are the fuel for innovation. This is our way to convert the challenges of the port industry and make potential solutions visible and tangible.

This year MarineTraffic is a dedicated co-creation partner for the second time. The fruitful collaboration during the 2015 edition showed that MarineTraffic is an important partner providing key data for the innovations. In addition, the domain-expertise of MarineTraffic is very useful for the hackers.

For me, this is the first time that I am involved in the organisation of the World Port Hackathon. The closer the event comes, the more pieces of the puzzle fit together.  During the preparation phase we, the World Port Hackathon 2016 organisation, had very close contact with MarineTraffic about how we can support each other to make this year’s Hackathon even a bigger success.

One of the questions that came to the table during one of the Skype sessions is how to make the event as attractive and user-friendly as possible. The answer we came up with was the creation of a slack communication channel. The slack channel will be the online communication channel where the WPH2016 participants can ask their questions to the right ‘experts.’ In this way, the more people from MarineTraffic will be ‘virtually’ involved in the World Port Hackathon 2016 as well.

MarineTraffic will provide the participants with several live feeds of AIS data. AIS data on itself is a very complex protocol which contains a lot of details and information. Marine Traffic transfers this complex data into a usable structure which helps the participants to make their ideas tangible and valuable. Furthermore, the expertise about the specifications on how to use the data, for example in terms accuracy of specific data feeds, is really important for the participants to understand and develop their ideas. And, this year we even extended the support by being available in Slack. AIS data is a very valuable source to provide during the WPH2016 when co-creating the port of the future.

Port of Rotterdam
Port of Rotterdam Infographic

We are very happy to have MarineTraffic as a co-creation partner of the World Port Hackathon 2016! Personally, I am excited to welcome the MarineTraffic crew to Rotterdam, and I am very much looking forward to it. It promises to be an awesome event this year!

Garmt Nieuwsma
World Port Hackathon organizer

Find more information about the World Port Hackathon on their website.