Our 10 top blog posts of 2021

A whole year in review through ten titles

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of relaxing reading during Holidays? We thought you might want to take a moment to revisit some of the most popular posts we published this year on the MarineTraffic Blog. Lots of events, industry-related developments, and discussions with experts on current affairs, as well as interviews, made it to the top of our readers’ choices.

Let’s look at these pieces one by one here:

1. The MarineTraffic mobile app has just evolved

The most visited blog post this year was published earlier in April, and this is undoubtedly one piece that attracted our readers’ interest a lot. New features added, new tools, and more capabilities for the user, our mobile app enjoyed a nice refreshing touch-up and the world was excited to find more about it. Find what has changed here. (And stay tuned for even more updates, improvements and additions in the future too.)

2. Seafarers: Already irreplaceable, let’s make you unforgettable

One blog post amongst many on our Blog we produced in an attempt to highlight the importance of our seafarers and the valuable work they do especially in times when things are even more difficult for the industry. In this blog post, we will read about these key workers we admire and always look up to, and why the International Maritime Organization (IMO) chose to celebrate this year’s World Maritime Day by focusing the attention on seafarers.

Read all about it here.

3. Another fascinating chapter in the Suez Canal story

What a year that was, and what an incident too?! We are going back to March of 2021, even though we highly doubt there is anyone in the industry – or even in the whole world – who still hasn’t heard of a news story or seen a meme related to the now famous Ever Given ship that blocked the Suez Canal for days, affecting the global supply chain.

MarineTraffic on top of all the updates on the company’s social media accounts from the very beginning of the incident to the last minute things got “moving” again was monitoring the situation, giving the world the chance to watch closely. In this blog post, you will read information about this key passage and the development of the story after the ship was freed. Quick time-travel to this eventful week here.

4. Tracking Tesla shipments with MarineTraffic

A lot of visitors on our blog were interested to find out more about how one can track car shipments using MarineTraffic; well not any car shipments, but the new – then – Tesla electric cars. We asked one man, in particular, who is what we call the guru of tracking international Tesla shipments, as he combines trusted AIS data, other relevant information from various sources, and his admirable skills to create detailed daily reports about the status of these shipments for those sharing the same interest with him. Read the story to find very interesting info here.

5. Will cruise sector bounce back as biggest ever ship sets sail

A blog post describing the turbulent year the cruise industry went through and we offered the latest insights on the matter. We read about the exclusive analysis from MarineTraffic earlier in 2021 which showed that cruise ship arrivals were down an incredible 55% in 2020.
Thanks to our powerful AIS data, we also revealed that just 26,080 passenger ships (>49,999 GT) arrived at ports worldwide as the pandemic shut down even the world’s biggest economies. Find this and more in the blog post here.

6. Cargo lost at sea

Cargo lost at sea

Apart from the Suez Canal incident that shook the world, there were also quite a few accidents that made the headlines through the years. Looking at these, one by one, we go back in time, as we gather some of the most important stories around cargo that has been lost at sea due to extreme weather conditions. Read all the stories here.

7. Top maritime influencers you should follow

The first part of our list with the most interesting voices in the maritime and shipping industry in 2021 was one of our and our readers’ favourite moments this year. So many experts and interesting accounts full of insights on social media platforms every maritime enthusiast should be following. Check the first part here and find the second one at the end of the blog post for even more reading.


8. The importance of AIS in times of supply chain crisis

We live and breathe AIS and so a great number of our blog posts are shedding light upon the world of this powerful system. One of the most visited blog posts this year underlines the importance of AIS specifically in relation to the current crisis the supply chain is facing, revealing the benefits it offers to the world. Interested in reading more about it? Check here.

9. How port congestion impacts your delays

2021 has been the year of major transhipment hubs around the world facing port disruptions and more and more vessels waiting for a long time at anchorage. We have been reading about it, we have been providing the world with useful maritime intelligence insights about it, the whole world has been watching the issue of clogged up ports and delayed voyages. This piece explains how port congestion impacts the movements of commercial vessels around the world, so if you feel interested in it, read everything here.

10. Marine Gallery February 2021

marine gallery February 2021
marine gallery February 2021

Last but not least, what we consider to be one of our favourite fun sections of our Blog, the Marine Gallery. The top viewed gallery for 2021 seems to be that of last February, a clearly wintery issue of it, featuring the top five pictures of Antarctica we found in our library accompanied by details of the area. Check these five (icy-cold) pictures here.

Hope you enjoy our list and don’t forget to visit our Blog for even more stories around the world of shipping, global trade, technology and people in maritime.