Seen this? Cool & useful new tools from MarineTraffic

Alex Charvalias, Senior Product Manager, lists his favourite recent MarineTraffic product enhancements

In recent months, our Product Team was working hard behind the scenes to complete some cool product enhancements and develop new features. 

Here’s what is new on our platform.

Dark Map

Sometimes you just need to visually focus! For such cases, or if you just like pretty global visualisations, we have recently introduced the Dark Map view.

Where to find it: On the right side of the Live Map, select the Dark Map type, as seen in the video.

Fast Switch between My Fleet and All Vessels

Quickly switch between My Fleet and All Vessels from our new right-click context menu. The same menu allows you also to reset all vessel filters, measure map distances, refresh the map with updated positions, plan a voyage from the selected position, and more.

Where to find it: Just right-click on the Live Map and the menu will be displayed.

Past Track supercharged

Visualise a vessels’ past-track including the vessel’s speed over ground, wind speed and direction at each point, as well as all vessel events such as changes in ETA, reported destination, draught, bunkering activity, and more. 

Where to find it: Just click on past-track in a vessel’s information page. Try our Professional Plan to unlock all mentioned features.

Piracy Zones

Sailing safely at seas is crucial. This is why we’ve added the Piracy Zones layer to enable you to easily monitor your vessels as they transit through risky areas around the world.

Where to find it: Enable the Piracy Zones layer from the Live Map Toolbar on the left. 

Anchor Swinging Circles

Interested in safe anchoring? Enable our new Anchor Swinging Circles layer, and zoom in anchorage areas to see the potential drifting area of each vessel around its anchor. 

Where to find it: To apply this layer on the Live Map, simply go to the Live Map Toolbar on the left and select the Anchor Swinging Circles layer.

View Route Forecast over Weather Forecast


By enabling Route Forecast of a vessel with enabled Weather Maps, you can now track the vessel’s future position along with the weather forecast at each point of time in the future.

Where to find it: From the Live Map Toolbar, you need to first enable Weather Maps and then search for the vessel and select the Route Forecast button displayed on the vessel window.

Custom Area Names on Live Map

You probably already know how to create Custom Areas and display them on the Live Map. But, when enabling Custom Areas layer in the Live Map, you can now select to overlay also the name of each custom area.

Where to find it: Simply go to the Live Map Toolbar on the left side and click on the “Layers” section.

Filter by Station

Are you interested to see the vessels picked up by a specific station? Our new station filtering allows you to see just that.

Where to find it: This new filter is available through the Live Map Toolbar, in the “Vessel Filters” section.

Use Quick Views for fast filtering in Explore

Probably you don’t care about the one million vessels we have on our database, so why don’t you use Quick Views for fast filtering to your fleet, or to what is near you.

Where to find it: Click “Explore” from the main menu and select “Vessels”. You will be redirected to our Vessels Database where you can apply the filters and easily explore the vessels that you want.

Most of these updates are available to free users, so register for free to create your MarineTraffic account and enjoy more.

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